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Diablo IV Might Fry Your Graphics Card

According to some comments on the Blizzard forums, Diablo IV is causing some 3080 cards to literally burn and die. Most players who have reported the same have RTX 3080 Ti, which implies that the issue has to do with the graphics card. Players noted that a certain cutscene with flowers and a snowy landscape tends to be the problem location.

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While some players have noted that their graphics cards are fine, they did report that the above cutscene caused issues for their computer. They got around it by forcibly resetting the PC or skipping the cutscene, which implies that the issue has to do with Diablo IV and not just the graphics cards. Some other players with 3080 graphics cards have reported little issues. They have suggested that Diablo IV is not the problem. Rather, their computers had pre-existing issues and they happened to brick while playing Diablo IV.

While Diablo IV is not out yet, the early-access beta is. Aside from the above issues with the graphics, some players weren’t even able to play the game. Fans complained about long queue times over the weekend. Blizzard asked players to remain in the queue so as to not reset their timers, though some players had complained about waiting for hours.

Diablo IV is in development and will come out on June 6, 2023 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.

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