Dial Any Number To Go To A Surreal World In Strange Telephone




Players can dial any six-digit phone number they like on the bizarre phone they find in Strange Telephone, with the game taking them to one of three million different generated worlds. Which one of those numbers will take the protagonist, Jill, home, though?


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Jill awakens before a large dark door in Strange Telephone. With her is a phone, and it appears to be the only way past this strange blockade back to a world outside of her unsettling dreams.


Players are encouraged to try out all manner of phone numbers to see which kinds of worlds the game will put together for them. Each number will create a set world, though, which means players can share these numbers online with each other in order to work out which solution will free them from this odd world.


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Players will be able to click around items found in each world as they work through the game’s landscapes. Depending on their actions and the numbers they try, they will reach one of five different endings, as well as unlock several secrets buried in the game’s near-endless worlds.


Strange Telephone is available on iOS and Android.

Alistair Wong
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