Did Capcom Give Cammy A Stealth Makeover For Street Fighter V?

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Capcom recently announced a Street Fighter V collector’s edition with a badass Ryu statue. We also got a look at some new screenshots including a couple that shows Cammy looking a little different from her initial reveal. [Thanks, Hachima.]


To give you guys a little info on the whole Street Fighter V Cammy ordeal, Japanese fans weren’t excited when they first got to see Cammy’s new look in the upcoming fighter. Some went on to say that it didn’t even look like she was designed by Japanese creators.


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As Hachima and many other comments from Japan noted, she went from the acceptable look on the left from Street Fighter IV to a look that made them ask “who the heck are you?” on the right for Street Fighter V.



Now, the above is a look at amore recent Cammy screenshot that was revealed alongside the game’s collector’s edition.


While Capcom haven’t made a statement regarding any changes, Hachima and other fans have pointed out that Cammy’s eyes now look more “anime-like,” her sharp jaws look a little more rounded, and her nose is a bit different now.


Here are some of the comments that were made from fans after seeing her new looks:


“Cammy is kawaii.”

“Cammy changed, right?”

“Now that Cammy has changed, Chun-Li’s ruggedness stands out more.”

“I can’t unsee Chun-Li as Keiko Toda now.”


It’s still difficult to pinpoint any other changes until we get a closer look through an HD trailer or more screenshots, but it’s safe to say that she doesn’t look half bad in the latest screenshots. How do you guys like her looks so far?


Street Fighter V is scheduled to release next year for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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