Diddy Kong And Peachette Double Dash Onto Mario Kart Tour


    mario kart tour

    This week, Nintendo introduced the return of Diddy Kong in Mario Kart Tour, his first appearance in the series in 11 years. Additionally, they revealed that Peachette will also be a playable character in the upcoming smartphone title.


    Here are the highlights:

    diddy kong 1

    “His trademark red cap and star-pattern shirt make him instantly recognizable!”


    Here’s a look at Diddy Kong in action:


    As for Peachette, a screenshot of her appearance in-game was revealed:

    peachette 1

    As for Peachette’s exclusive in-game item, more info is set to be revealed in the upcoming days.


    Mario Kart Tour will be available on Android and Apple iOS devices on September 25, 2019. You can check out more gameplay here.

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