Digimon Adventure 02 Movie and Digimon Ghost Game Anime Announced

Digimon Adventure 02 Movie

DigiFes 2021 revealed some upcoming content for the Digimon franchise: a Digimon Adventure 02 movie and a new television series called Digimon Ghost Game. Currently, Digimon Adventure (2020) is still airing on Japanese television and streaming sites such as Crunchyroll. But later this year, a new generation of Chosen Children and partner Digimon will appear to save the Digital World. [Thanks, Funimation!]

Firstly, Tomohisa Taguchi and Akatsuki Yamatoya are returning to work on the Digimon Adventure 02 film. The two of them previously worked on Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. The movie will bring back the kids from the 02 series, as well as introduce a new movie-original character. The movie-original character tells Daisuke that he is the first person in the world to ever partner with a Digimon.

Production has launched for the Digimon Adventure 02 movie, and you can watch the teaser trailer here.

Digimon Ghost Game will also air during the Autumn 2021 anime season, though the cast and plot details are still vague. Toei Animation has, however, shown off the designs for the new partner Digimon that will appear. The main character’s partner, Gammamon, looks like the typical dinosaur-like protagonist Digimon. A jellyfish-like Digimon, Jellymon, and a yeti-like Digimon, Angoramon, will also appear.

Digimon Ghost Game will air during the Autumn 2021 anime season, and the Digimon Adventure 02 movie has just started production.

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