Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning Movie to Air in October 2023

digimon adventure 02 the beginning

The official Digimon Twitter account announced a movie titled Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning. From the looks of the promotional video, it seems that the new art style for the movie is based on the Tri version of Digimon Adventure. The movie will air in Japan on October 27, 2023. It’s unclear if and when it will appear in international theaters.

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning will take place in 2012. The key visuals show grown-up versions of all the original kids, including Ken. There is a new character on the poster standing in front of a city while Daisuke and Veemon are in the light below him. News of this movie first came out in August 2021 during DigiFes 2021 but this is the first time we’ve heard anything about it since then.

As for the cast of Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning, it will use the voice actors who appeared from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. Voice actors for the Digimon will remain the same, as was what happened with the Digimon Adventure Tri series.

Digimon Adventure 02 was the direct sequel to Digimon Adventure. It followed a new generation of chosen children. However, they had a lot more freedom regarding the Digital World than their predecessors. Since the show likely took place in 2000, everyone will probably be in their early twenties for The Beginning.

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning will air in theaters in Japan on October 27, 2023.

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