Digimon Adventure 2020 English Dub Announced

Digimon Adventure English Dub

Toei Animation has announced that it will release an English dub of the Digimon Adventure 2020 anime series. The English dub appeared during the Digimon Con live stream event. Alongside a short clip, Toei also revealed the voice actors for Tai and Agumon. There is no confirmed release date for the English dub.

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Voicing Tai Yagami is veteran voice actor Zeno Robinson. Robinson has appeared in other anime English dubs and played Hawks from My Hero Academia as well as Genya in Demon Slayer. Additionally, Ben Diskin will voice Agumon. Diskin previously voiced Shoutmon from Digimon Fusion, and has also appeared in various other video games and anime. Both voice actors appeared in a video message to fans. Robinson commented that he had grown up watching the original Digimon anime series, and was honored to play the series’ main character.

Digimon Adventure is a reboot of the Digimon anime series which originally began in April 2020. The series depicts the 1999 anime’s original cast in modern times and is an entirely new story. Currently, the series is only available in the original Japanese voice with English subtitles. Furthermore, Digimon anime series producer Hiromi Seki revealed that further information about future anime and movies, including new footage, will likely release sometime later this year.

The English dub of Digimon Adventure is in production. There is no confirmed release date or platform.

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