Digimon Adventure Shows Taichi’s First Meeting With Koromon

Namco Bandai have updated the official website for Digimon Adventure with a screenshot showing the scene of Taichi’s first meeting with Koromon, just after he arrives in the Digital World:

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As previously reported, Digimon Adventure is based on the anime series and is being developed by Yuji Naka’s studio, Prope, marking their first RPG.


In addition to the screens above, the official website also reveals a couple of other Digimon that will be present in the Digimon Adventure game. Kuwagamon is the first enemy encountered by Taichi’s group, and is fought when their Digimon evolve from Baby to Child stage. Meanwhile, Shellmon is fought when Agumon first evolves into Greymon.


Digimon Adventure will be released in 2013, and you can watch a trailer for the game here.

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