Digimon Adventure Trailers Show Off Customization And Digital Dungeons

This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Namco Bandai have shared two new trailers for the upcoming Digimon Adventure game. The first is about the Digital Dungeons, which are areas you can go into to train and fight strong monsters. It appears you can fight boss monsters here. The post-game all-season protagonist get-together also happens in one of these. Check the trailer out below:

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The second is about raising your Digimon and shows how each Digimon has a unique Skill Panel and how to set DigiChips into the panels to increase stats and learn attacks. As the Digimon level up, their Skill Panel slowly expands. Here’s the trailer for that feature:



Digimon Adventure will be released January 17, 2013 in Japan.

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