Digimon Digivice 25th Color Evolution
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Digimon Digivice 25th Color Evolution Appears on Premium Bandai

The Digivice models from the classic 1999 anime show Digimon Adventure will return in full colors. Bandai revealed the new Digivice -25th Color Evolution- models, and it has opened pre-orders on the Japanese Premium Bandai web store. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

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The all-new color LCD screen will also bring many new features to this device. It will feature a renewed gameplay interface ranging from map selection to battle scenes. The DigiDestined children will also make their appearances in this toy. The device will include snapshots from the Digimon Adventure anime, including the Digivolution scenes. It will also have extensive audio features with Japanese voiceovers of the DigiDestined children and their Digimon, as well as the TV-sized version of Kouji Wada’s “Butter-Fly.”

As with other Digimon toys, users will be able to connect their Digivices to have their raised Digimon spar with each other. This Digivice will also be able to connect with other existing Digimon color toys, such as the Digimon Pendulum Color.

The new Digimon Digivice will be available in three different models. The regular edition will be available at 11,000 yen (~$75). Bandai is also preparing two special models inspired by Taichi Yagami (Tai Kamiya) and Yamato (Matt) Ishida. The latter two will have a higher price tag at 16,500 yen (~$112), but they will also come with an art book and a pendant with eight swappable crests based on the DigiDestined children.

An official trailer showcasing the color Digivice’s new features is also available to watch on Bandai’s Japanese YouTube channel:

The Digivice -25th Color Evolution- toys will be formally available in July 2024.

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