Digimon Heroes Comes To iOS And Android Devices



    Bandai Namco has announced that Digimon Heroes!, a match-3 card battle game, is now available for free on iOS and Android systems.


    In Digimon Heroes!, players can uncover earn, collect, and battle a full catalogue of more than 1,000 Digimon from across all eras of the Digimon universe. The game features features a unique match 3 battle system as well as original Digimon illustrations created exclusively for Digimon Heroes! In addition, players can bring their friends into battle as well as enjoy daily missions, long-term missions and even daily or bi-weekly special events.


    Here’s are details on the game from Bandai Namco:


    “Digimon Heroes! is a perfect mobile gaming experience for Digimon fans, mobile gamers and trading card gamers alike. With a ton of cool characters, colorful artwork and deep gameplay, there’s lots to love about the game,” said Jeferson Valadares, GM and VP of Product Development, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. “We’re very proud of the game, which was developed by Bandai Namco Romania in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.  With the huge lineup of Digimon fan favorites and unique strategic match 3 gameplay, this is the perfect opportunity for Digimon masters everywhere to unleash their best Digimon in battle and prove who is the best brawler in the (Digital) World.”


    DH_Attack DH_Battle_2

    DH_Battle_3 DH_Battle_7

    DH_Battle_9 DH_Battle_12

    DH_Battle_Two_Attack DH_Chain_Attack

    DH_Collection_1 DH_Collection_4

    DH_Collection_7 DH_Collection_8

    DH_Collection_11 DH_Cool_Digimon_3

    DH_Cool_Digimon_4 DH_Cool_Digimon_7

    DH_Cool_Digimon_8 DH_Cool_Digimon_9

    DH_Menus_1 DH_Mix_Digifuse_1

    DH_Mix_Digivolve_3 DH_Special_Support


    Digimon Heroes! is now available for iOS and Android.


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