Digimon Survive Shuji Kayama Lopmon

Digimon Survive Introduces Shuji Kayama and His Partner Lopmon

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Digimon Survive shared some info on the official website with an introduction to the new character Shuji Kayama and his partner Lopmon.

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Shuji Kayama (CV: Yuya Hirose)

Digimon Survive Shuji Kayama Lopmon

A first-year high school student who joined to help with extracurricular camp. He’s kind, gentle, and good-natured. Additionally, he’s an overall trustworthy person.

He starts as a reliable figure for Takuma and the others. However, his enthusiasm and action don’t carry over after getting lost in another world where his own common sense no longer applies. He shows a weaker side by shifting responsibilities onto others, blaming circumstances, and such.

Digimon Survive Shuji Kayama Lopmon

Takuma: “(He must be quite the serious guy to be going out of his way to help a junior high camp, even after becoming a high school student.)”

Lopmon (CV: Naomi Ohzora)

Digimon Survive Shuji Kayama Lopmon

Lopmon is a beast-type monster with three horns on its head. In fact, nobody knows much about Lopmon’s ecosystem. Since Lopmon has an innocent and childlike personality, Shuji sees it as a sign of laziness and neglects it. This makes Lopmon feel lonely.

Lopmon: “Do your best, Shuji! I’m sure you can do it!”

All right, so on that note… we learned that the choices we make can lead to the demise of friends in Digimon Survive, right? Well, Shuji Kayama here is going to be the first to go on my Digimon Survive death list. I mean come on, the flags are all over. And look at that Lopmon being all happy despite having a complete scumbag megane as a partner. For shame.

Digimon Survive will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. It will release for the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC in other regions. Check our previous report to read about Saki Kimishima’s backstory and how she meets Takuma.

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