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Digimon World: Next Order Will Have Linked Content With Digimon Adventure tri.



In the December issue of V-Jump magazine, Bandai Namco revealed the latest on Digimon World: Next Order with a look at a new character and two new Digimon. [Thanks, ANN.]


The blonde girl on the image above is named Ruche, and she has lost most of her memories. She might not be able to remember much of her past, but she’s always full of energy, and can often be seen carrying around a Numemon plush toy.


Taomon, the Digimon shown on the left of Ruche is a complete Digimon who is an expert in Onmyodo. The other is named Dukemon (not pictured) and it gets crimson armor when it releases all its power.


The magazine also revealed that the game will have linked content with the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri. film project. More details on that will be revealed in the near future. Meanwhile, you can check out its latest trailer in our earlier report.


Digimon World: Next Order is expected to release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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