At their panel during Anime Expo this week, Digital Manga Publishing announced a range of new license acquisitions, as reported by Anime News Network and The list of new licenses is as follows:


  • Demon City Shinjuku by Hideyuki Kikuchi — coming 2011 in a complete single edition novel format
  • Countdown 7 Days by Kemuri Karakara
  • Houou Gakuen Misoragumi by Aki Arara (4 volumes long, starting in 2011)
  • Border by Kazuma Kodaka, JP pub Med-i-ation and DMP is going to try and do simultaneous releases with Japan
  • Kusatta Kyo Shino Houteishiki by Kazuma Kodaka will begin a 5-volume omnibus release
  • Gochisosama by C.J. Michalski
  • Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi by Tsuta Suzuki
  • Sabaku no Oujisama by Shushushu Sakurai


While they were at it, DMP also shed some light on upcoming releases of current licenses:


  • Itazura No Kiss Volume 3 — due out this summer with Volume 4 in Winter 2010
  • Yashakiden by Hideyuki Kikuchi Volume 3 — oversize edition in Winter 2010
  • Vampire Hunter D Volume 5 — Winter 2010
  • Wolf God Voumel 1 by Ai Tenkawa — Summer 2010
  • Alice the 101st Vol. 1 by Chigusa Kawai (shoujo title) — Summer 2010
  • Finder Vol. 1 by Ayane Yamano — late August or September 2010; Vol. 2 this Fall
  • The Tyrant Falls in Love by Hinako Takanaga — August 2010
  • Kizuna Deluxe Vol. 1 by Kazuma Kodaka, — Fall 2010, deluxe edition two volumes in 2011.
  • Under Grand Hotel Vol. 1 by Mika Sadahiro, — Summer 2010


Additionally, DMP have also teamed up with VIZ and Studio Pierrot inn order to provide Naruto Shippuuden animation cels for sale via both their convention booths and their website. These are expected to be priced around $60, with cels from more series on the way.


Image sourced from DMP’s Twitter feed.


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