Dimension Drive Offers Co-Op Shmup Action Across Two Games At Once



Dimension Drive is a shmup that will have players dealing with two screens filled with enemies and obstacles at once, but they can bring in a co-op partner to help them out. However, that can also mean having two people draining limited resources as well.




Dimension Drive stars Jack, a pilot seeking the secrets of her past while piloting The Manticore, a ship that can cross dimensions. using it, she’ll bounce between two screens of shmup combat, dealing with enemies and obstacles on each of them or just warping to safety when things get too hairy on one side.


Players can play Dimension Drive cooperatively, giving them more firepower to use on their enemies. However, players will share lives, so bringing in a careless pal can be more of a hindrance than a benefit.




Dimension Drive offers several different difficulty levels, from easier ones that offer limited shields to the harder difficulties where players die in a single hit. For the truly skilled, there is WTF Mode, where taking a single hit will end the game.


Dimension Drive is available now on Steam Early Access, with the developers promising to add a new stage every two weeks.

Alistair Wong
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