Be A Dinosaur In Saurian And Survive The Hell Creek Ecosytem



    Saurian is an upcoming open world survival game in which you get to play as a dinosaur.


    It’s set in the Hell Creek ecosystem circa 66 million years ago, and all the knowledge that we have of that era is being used when designing the world of Saurian to provide as genuine a dino survival sim as possible.


    Saurian gives you the chance to play as several species of dinosaur within that ecosystem. Depending on which you are will determine how you’ll have to adapt to survive.


    For example, being one of the big carnivorous lizards is going to involve hunting down other dinosaurs to chomp on, but you’ll have to fight with them first, which opens you up to injury. And if you don’t win the fight then you also go hungry.


    While being a smaller herbivore (or maybe a fish) means that you should find food quite easily and eat it without a problem. Unless, of course, one of your bigger predators spots you, at which point you’ll need to run (or swim) for your life.


    The video above is very early pre-alpha footage of Saurion and the developer acknowledges that there are placeholder assets, temporary sounds, unfinished lighting, partially finished models, as well as a bunch of broken features. But you can see the idea behind the game opening up at least.

    Chris Priestman

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