Dire Vengeance Is A Heavy Metal Action Platformer



Players will head into the Devil Realm to strike down the Eight Generals of Damnation, all while heavy metal tracks hammer out of their speakers, in sidescrolling action game Dire Vengeance.




Dire Vengeance takes inspiration from Castlevania for its horror action, pitting players against various monstrosities in bloody halls. Players will be fighting back against them using an upgradeable sword and nineteen various sub-weapons that will be hidden throughout the game’s stages or gained from fallen bosses.




The game also features a power-up system similar to Gradius, where players can collect souls from fallen monsters to augment her speed, jump, healing, and more on the fly.




The battle against the demonic hordes will be backed up by a full heavy metal score as well.



Dire Vengeance is raising development funding on Kickstarter and is also running a Steam Greenlight campaign.

Alistair Wong
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