Director Says Over My Dead Body Sequel For Vita Is Still Moving Forward

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We haven’t heard much about the sequel to the obscure PSOne RPG, Over My Dead Body, since last year’s announcement at Tokyo Game Show. Director Shoji Masuda weighs in on the subject and talks about their current progress.


Over the past couple months, Masuda has been quite active on Twitter, listening to fan feedback on what kind of bonus material they’d like to see included with the PlayStation Vita sequel of Over My Dead Body (with special edition Vita bundles and art books being the most in demand).


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In addition, the team is currently running a contest for who can come up with the best name for the character in the above images, who will be appearing in the sequel.


On the game’s official page Masuda recently talked about their progress. Masuda says that they are preparing to heavily plan what’s ahead. The plans include figuring out the release date and getting into specific details using ROMs and videos they’ve developed thus far. Unfortunately they don’t have a trailer to present at the moment, but the timing of when it will be shown, is something that’s frequently talked about between Masuda and the rest of the team.


However, Masuda reveals part of a ‘UX Video’ to keep fans happy for the time being. UX stands for user and experience. It isn’t exactly a trailer, as it doesn’t show any gameplay footage; but the purpose of it is to show how the concept behind the sequel came to be, by using temporary images and ideas.



The video starts by recapping Over My Dead Body’s story of the cursed family against the Oni. Masuda explains that the video is not meant to be informative, but rather something from which you would get an idea of the project. That would explain the vague clip of the skulls and crow.



Before the abrupt end of the UX video (Masuda apologizes for not containing any actual gameplay footage), they mention three key words as clues for what’s to come. They are: Diffusion, Joint Ownership and Participation. Once more information is revealed, Masuda would like to show fans the complete UX video to share the thought process that went behind a more complete product.


Masuda finished the post by saying “Perhaps next time I shall show some game footage. Then again, the thought of getting in trouble for doing that, frightens me. However, things are moving forward properly on the PlayStation Vita!”


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