Disaster Report 4 Plus’ Second Trailer Shows Survivors Among The Rubble



Granzella released a new trailer yesterday, showing off several new scenes of Disaster Report 4 Plus. The main character, who arrives in the city as a student but encounters an earthquake, has to make their way out of a crumbling foreign city with the help of other survivors. The trailer can be found below:


It was also revealed yesterday that Minoru Watanabe, the disaster prevention and crisis management journalist who also was consulted for Disaster Report 3 on disaster representation, will carry over his role for Disaster Report 4 Plus. Like Disaster Report 3, the upcoming game will have manuals with information on what to do when an earthquake occurs that unlock as you progress through the game.


Previously, it was confirmed that the Kobe Fire Department would be cooperating with Granzella in order to ensure authenticity of earthquake effects, as well as confirming a 2018 release.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories will release for PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR support in 2018 in Japan.

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