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Disaster Report 4 Plus Shows Off The Series’ Classic Multiple Dialogue Options


zzt4 dialogue

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Famitsu this week will have new information on Disaster Report 4 Plus, focusing on the various individual stories of the many people you meet in the game.


In the above screenshot, the main protagonist is looking at an old man who seems down in the dumps. Seeing him like this, the protagonist…

  • feels sorry for him, and hopes he’ll try again.
  • feels sorry for him, but thinks that it can’t be helped.
  • thinks he’s pathetic, and doesn’t want to end up like him.
  • thinks how carefree he seems to be despite the earthquake.
  • wonders how he plans on earning his pay.
  • thinks that this is what you get for hiding things from your family.
  • is captivated by this old man, who’s so cool.


zzt4 dialogue 2

The Disaster Report series is quite well-known for it’s various choices that the player can make in the game. While most of them don’t affect the progression of the story, some of the choices will change how things play out. It seems the these choices will be present in Disaster Report 4 Plus as well.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories will be available for PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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