Discover A Story In The Beautiful Debris Of Homesick



First-person exploration and puzzle game Homesick will be out on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on May 28th. You should be familiar with it if you supported its successful Kickstarter back in 2013.


In Homesick, you awaken inside an abandoned building that’s falling apart around you. There are cracks and dirt on the walls, furniture rots while nature pushes its grasses through the tiled floors, reclaiming its territory. While a lot of the scenes here are decrepit, the blinding sunlight and the rich detail it’s all given means that it’s actually quite beautiful.


This won’t last long. As night falls, you are left only with your nightmares, in which you must search the darkened building for the former inhabitants in order to discover who you are, what happened, and what you need to do to escape your current situation. This involves solving puzzles in both the daytime and the night time world, some of which affect the other dimension by revealing new clues and new locations to decode and explore.


Homesick was conceived by Barrett Meeker, who worked for eight years as a 3D artist in video game cinematics, but wanted to create something that was more meaningful to him. As such, Homesick is apparently about exploring “ themes of acceptance, both of oneself and our experiences, in the context of often overwhelming problems in the world; figuring out how to continue to grow when the world is falling apart around you.”



Meeker has made Homesick almost entirely by himself, including the environment art, programming, and game design, with only the musical score being outsourced. Find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman