Disgaea 4 Complete Multiplayer Network Features Added to PC

Disgaea 4 Complete Multiplayer

NIS America has released a host of new network features that will be coming to the PC versions of Disgaea 4 Complete+. These features include a variety of ways to interact with other players in the traditionally single-player tactical RPG.

One feature being added is the ability to create custom battle maps that can then be distributed to other players online. Another customization feature comes in the form of a new Pirate Editing mode that allows players to create a pirate ship and a crew to operate it. Once created, this ship can be used to fight against the pirate crews of other players online through a Pirate Duel menu option. Any pirate crews players upload to the server have a chance of appearing in Disgaea 4 Complete+’s Item World, where they will function as enemies or allies to other players.

The Dark Assembly aspect of Disgaea 4 Complete+ has also seen some changes in this version of the game. Players can now designate a “Foreign Minister” to influence the Dark Assembly voting process in other people’s files. It is also possible to upload or summon player-created “Defense Ministers” as allies.

Players on the PC will now be able to participate in online ranking systems for new themed battles and Pirate Trials. Both of these systems come with their own method of distributing rewards to players according to their ranking.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ is available with these features on PC via Xbox Game Pass and Steam. The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Benjamin Maltbie
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