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Disgaea 7 Higan Zesshousai Trailer Shows Hinomoto’s Strongest

Disgaea 7 Higan Zesshousai

The latest character video for Disgaea 7 introduces the strongest swordsman in the whole of the Hinomoto Netherworld. Named Higan Zesshousai, in Disgaea 7 she’s also known as the teacher of Fuji, one of the game’s protagonists. She’s voiced by Yui Kondou. Yui Kondou also voiced characters like Sayaka Nishizono in Lost Judgment, Smithy Minayle in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and Biwa Hayahide in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

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Check out the Disgaea 7 Higan Zesshousai character trailer.

As described in the official website, the “Zesshousai” in Higan Zesshousai’s name is more of a title, one bestowed upon the Hinomoto Netherworld’s strongest swordsman (think “Kenpachi” from Bleach). She taught Fuji everything he knows about swordsmanship. To hear Fuji tell it in Disgaea 7, Higan Zesshousai is “the most vile, vicious, and strongest swordswoman in all of Hinomoto.” Of course, excessive strength can be quite boring, so at the moment, Higan is training with the spear, so as to give herself something that might resemble a challenge.

Prior to airing the Disgaea 7 Higan Zesshousai trailer, Nippon Ichi Software also introduced two other characters from the main cast: Suisen and Ao.

Here’s Suisen’s trailer. Suisen is voiced by Maki Kawase, who also voiced Philomena in The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Junko Konno in Zombie Land Saga, and Tokiko in Summer Time Rendering.

Suisen is described as the “Predictive Magistrate” of the Oedo Shogunate. He’s an enemy to Fuji and company, since their party seeks to overthrow the Shogunate. Despite his looks, he’s a powerful and intelligent biological weapon. He uses his processing power to absorb information and use it to make advanced predictions. He does, however, sometimes act like the young boy his appearance suggests him to be.

Ao, meanwhile, is voiced by Riona Imaizumi.

Ao is a young girl who sees Fuji as a father figure. Her devotion to “Father” causes her to lash out at anyone who gets between them with her ice powers. This chaotic reputation has earned her the nickname “Hyougaki”, which translates to “Princess Icefang,” but can also be read as “Freezy Punk.”

Disgaea 7 launches in Japan on January 26, 2023. It’ll be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. A playable demo is currently available. No international release plans have been announced as of yet.

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