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Disgaea 7 Piririka Trailer Introduces the Bushido Fangirl

Disgaea 7 Piririka

The next installment in Nippon Ichi’s running series of Disgaea 7 character trailers focuses on Piririka, the game’s other protagonist. Her demon companion Fuji was introduced on Tuesday. In Disgaea 7 Piririka is voiced by Hiyori Nitta. Nitta also played Karin Doumyouji in Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, Gabriel in The Seven Heavenly Virtues, and Rino in Jinsei – Life Consulting.

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Check out her trailer below.

On the official website for Disgaea 7 Piririka is described as “spontaneous”, and a rich young lady raised in the Wahei Netherworld, far away from the Hinomoto Netherworld where the game takes place. Her distance from Hinomoto has led her to admire a false, pop culture-driven image of what “Bushido” actually is. This misconception leads to some severe culture shock when she visits Hinomoto for the first time and reality collides with what she’s got in her head. In her interactions with Fuji she’s shown getting excited over “famous Hinomoto customs” such as the dogeza (kneeling with head touching the floor in prostration). She also butchers Japanese idioms, only to be corrected by Fuji.

Nevertheless, through Disgaea 7 Piririka shows herself to be a “super-good-natured” sort of person. She’s naïve, trusting, and gullible, but also strong of heart and adamant in the belief that every “bad guy” had a reason to become that way. In battle one of her moves involves summoning a Prinny and enlarging it so it becomes giant-size as it belly-flops onto the enemy. Piririka then takes a selfie with the aftermath.

Disgaea 7 releases on the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 26, 2023. Localization plans have not yet been announced.

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