Disney’s Twisted Wonderland Introduces Bishonen Based From Ursula From The Little Mermaid

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Disney and Aniplex have revealed more characters that are joining their Disney villain-based project, Twisted Wonderland. The project was revealed last month, and stars various bishonen characters who all have a soul of a certain villain from the Disneyverse.


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In Twisted Wonderland, the story will focus on “the true form” of the villains. You play as a character who is lead by a magic mirror into Twisted Wonderland, where they find a famous magician’s academy known as Nightraven College.


With nowhere else to go, the protagonist accepts the masked Head of College’s protection, and begins to look for a way back to their former world. However, it turns out that the students at Nightraven College are quite the handful, full of talented but uncooperative troublemakers.


Will the protagonist be able to work with them in order to find their way home? Also, what is the secret behind the students who have the souls of villains?


Here are the characters introduced so far, including the ones recently revealed:

From the Heartslabyul House (twisted off Alice in Wonderland)

Riddle Rosehearts (CV: Natsuki Hanae)

twisted wonderland 3

“Are you ready? Off with their heads!”

The head of the Heartslabyul House, who strictly upholds the strange laws created by the Queen of Hearts. He will not hesistate to enforce harsh punishments on those who break the rules, and is feared by the other students in the house.


Ace Trappola (CV: Seiichirou Yamashita)

twisted wonderland 4

“The Queen of Hearts is cool, don’t you think? Nobody’s going to follow orders from a queen who’s only kind, you know?”

A new first-year, like the protagonist. He has a cheerful and accepting attitude, but is also a bit of a prankster. He’s rivals with Deuce, another Heartslabyul first-year.


Deuce Spade (CV: Chiaki Kobayashi)

twisted wonderland 5

“Today’s the Merry Unbirthday party. If you’re late your head will be chopped off.”

A new first-year just like the protagonist. He entered the college in hopes of becoming a brilliant magician. He’s serious but comes off as standoffish.


Trey Clover (CV: Ryouta Suzuki)

twisted wonderland 6

“I’m sorry, but could you help out with painting the roses red?”

The vice head of the house with a calm personality, he’s sort of the guardian for everyone else. He also helps reign in Riddle when he’s being too harsh to others.


Cater Diamond (CV: Tatsuyuki Kobayashi)

twisted wonderland 7

“Welcome to the Heartslabyul house led by our strict ‘Queen’”~”

A third-year in the house adept at communicating with others and reading the mood. He knows a lot about how to be popular, food, and what the latest fads are. However, sometimes his face becomes emotionless…


Octavinelle House (twisted from The Little Mermaid)

Azul Ashengrotto (CV: Atsushi Tamaru)

twisted wonderland 8

“I’m the one who can help you out. Now, please sign the contract”

The head of Octavinelle House, who also manages the school café. He’s very polite, but is calculating and a bit of a miser.


Jade Leech (CV: Wataru Komada)

twisted wonderland 9

“You’re the one in the wrong for not upholding your end of the contract, you know?”

The vice head of Octavinelle House, and Azul’s advisor. His twin brother is Floyd. He’s a detailed person who treats others gently, but…


Floyd Leech (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

twisted wonderland 10

“What, you want me to strangle you? Fine by me~!”

A second-year in Octavinelle. Despite being Jade’s twin brother, he has a wildly different way of speaking and expression. He’s quite a volatile person, and it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking.


The character designer for Twisted Wonderland is Yana Toboso, the mangaka of Black Butler. More characters will be revealed in the future. Disney and Aniplex has not yet revealed how the game will play.


Twisted Wonderland is in development for iOS and Android.

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