Dissecting Wario Land 4 Gets Easier With Kindle Edition, Also Cheaper

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In December, we posted the news about Game Design Companion: A Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4 by Daniel Johnson.  We mentioned at the time that the book was out in both .pdf and .epub formats, and they’re now joined by its Kindle version.


To celebrate, the book is extending its introductory price sale till February 14th for $4.99. After the sale is over, it returns to $7.99. If you pick up the book now at Stolen Projects, you’ll also receive the Game Design Companion book free.


The book is an in-depth look at Wario Land 4 with evidence-based analysis dissecting the mechanics, psychology, education, level design and game feel—perfect for anyone interested in getting into game design or learning more about how video games work under the hood.


You can get it at Stolen Projects or at Amazon. Note that if you pick it up from the Amazon link, you only get the .mobi version, but picking it up from their main site gets you all versions and the free extra book.

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