Dissidia Final Fantasy Will Add Ramza Soon, Chaos Characters In Development



Dissidia Final Fantasy launched for arcade in Japan last month, and Director Takeo Kujiraoka recently spoke with Famitsu about some more characters that will be added to the action title in the near future.


During the interview, Famitsu asks when can we expect to start seeing additional characters to the arcade game.


“For now we’ve decided to open with the appearance of Ramza, then after his appearance, we’ll sequentially add characters one by one every month and a half or two months,” says Kujiraoka.


“I’m sorry I can’t be more specific for the time being,” he continues. “Production on the Chaos-side of characters have already begun, so please wait a little longer for more information.”


When asked about any other adjustments, Kujiraoka mentions that he’s noticed a trend of “time ups” going on for the game, so they’re keeping a close eye on that. Rather than increasing the time limit of the battles, he feels that they ought to make adjustments to all of the numerical values that are involved with battles instead.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is currently available to play in Japanese arcades.

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