Dissidia FFOO’s Edward Will Make His Global Debut on October 9, 2020

dissidia ffoo edward

Another Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia character you wouldn’t expect is about to join the game. This time, it’s pulling another bard in. The Dissidia FFOO Edward Chris von Miur debut will be October 9, 2020. People can participate in the “Love, the Melody of Courage” questline until October 23, 2020 to recruit him.

Edward is a ranged character in Dissidia FFOO. Some of his more trademark Final Fantasy IV abilities will appear here. For example, he has a Bardsong Command Ability, which first “grants BRV to party based on own MAX BRV.” After that, it will deal a two-hit group magic BRV and HP attack to enemies and bestows the Hero’s Rime passive on Edward for five turns. He can also Hide, which increases the party’s BRV and gives Edward an Omen of Courage passive buff for four turns, then Return after using Hide, which deals a three-hit BRV and HP attack to enemies and gives Edward the Awakening Courage passive buff for four turns. There is also a BRV Heal All Buff Longer ability that increases buffs by two turns and heals BRV.

Going by the Japanese release schedule, we should see Final Fantasy VI’s Strago, Final Fantasy Type-O’s Kurasame, Final Fantasy XV’s Gladiolus, and Final Fantasy VII’s Reno and Rude appearing after the Dissidia FFOO Edward global debut.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. You can add Final Fantasy VI’s Edward to your roster starting on October 9, 2020. Other recent additions include Final Fantasy XV’s Ardyn.

Jenni Lada
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