Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game Is Being Developed By Team Ninja



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During a special “Closed Conference 2015” Square Enix shared more info on their upcoming arcade title, Dissidia Final Fantasy. The company revealed that Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja are developing the game. Dengeki shares more from the event.


Sony Computer Entertainment president Atsushi Morita made an appearance during the press, and revealed that Dissidia Final Fantasy is being developed while using the PlayStation 4’s core system of technology.


While this means that the game will likely see an eventual PlayStation 4 release, a PS4 version hasn’t been “officially” announced yet, and they say they would like for fans to first enjoy it in arcades.


According to a Square Enix producer, there won’t be any development toward a console release until at least a year after the launch of the arcade version.


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The above image shows us a look at the arcade machine, that is said to have some crystal motif, and a very Final Fantasy design to it. Again, some of its designs are temporary, so it’s still subject to change.


A location test will be held in Japan at Tokyo, Sendai, and Aichi prefecture starting on April 17th until the 19th. There will be another location test in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka prefecture from April 24th through 26th, so we can expect to hear more details on the game around then.

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