Dissidia Final Fantasy Comparison Between Arcade And PlayStation 4



Square Enix showed off the latest trailer for the upcoming arcade game, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and the developers have uploaded another pair of videos, including one that compares the game’s arcade looks to what it would look like on PlayStation 4.



The above video shows the comparison between what Dissidia Final Fantasy looks like on arcade and what it would look like on PlayStation 4. As previously reported, a PS4 version hasn’t been “officially” announced yet, as Square Enix said that they would like for fans to enjoy it first in arcades. They mentioned that there won’t be any development towards a console release until at least a year after the launch of the arcade version.



The second video shows more gameplay footage of the characters, starting with Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Terra, Cloud, Lightning, and Y’shtola. The video also shows a glimpse of a Midgar stage, along with more 3v3 action and Ifrit in battle.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is in development for arcade.

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