Dissidia Final Fantasy Devs On Console Version, Soft Engine, eSports, And Global Expansion



Dissidia Final Fantasy director Takeo Kujiraoka and producer Ichiro Hazama recently talked about the console version of the Final Fantasy team fighter, and more on possibly using the Soft Engine, desire to expand with eSports, and reaching out to fans and players on a global scale.


Below is the full interview where they talk about the console version of Dissidia Final Fantasy:


Famitsu: Let’s start with a sharp jab… Koei Tecmo Games’ Yosuke Hayashi of Team Ninja said “Kujiraoka-san is always at our office” [in our previous interview], so what about now?

Takeo Kujiraoka, Director: Yes, still there [laughs]. I’m there working at Koei Tecmo for something that’s like a power-up week for about one to two weeks prior to the monthly updates. So I’m not around at Square Enix for about half a month.


There was talk about implementing the “Soft Engine” that powers the Dead or Alive series…

Ichiro Hazama, Producer: Ahh, there was. However, I’m not sure whether we need the Soft Engine for the current lineup of characters.


Kujiraoka: What about Kuja’s butt?


All: [laughs]


Hazama: Hayashi-san has already said “go ahead” so perhaps once we get suitable characters for it.


Next is about a quote from Kujiraoka. You previously mentioned “We’ve picked about 50 characters” [for Dissidia Final Fantasy]

Kujiraoka: That’s something that was said and came with some repercussions, but that was just about characters that we’ve picked! However, we were currently able to release 20 characters. Although even when we released 6 characters in a year, there are many that still say “it’s not enough.” [laughs]


[Laughs] Also, in the issue of Famitsu that was published on January 26, in the “110 Game Creators’ Ambitions for 2017 Interview” there was some talk about Dissidia Final Fantasy for consoles. I’d like to talk about that some more.

Hazama: If there was a recent opportunity to make the announcement, I thought the occasion was at the “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony.” However, it didn’t make its appearance. Long story short, we’ve yet to prepare something with enough value to meet your expectations. I believe many are expecting a story mode for the home console version, and we’re definitely preparing that; however, our focus on the main game is still about battles and that won’t change. While continuing work on a proper competitive fighting tool and to improve on other elements, we’ll need a little more time.


I see. We’ll be looking forward to further information. Again, Kujiraoka-san, you mentioned your ambition for the year is to have “something for the world,” could you tell us more about that?

Kujiraoka: Since the arcade version alone can’t reach all of our customers, that’s what we’re starting to prepare. Currently, eSports has been an exciting thing for everyone overseas, right? And regarding that, I believe we, too, can possibly make it there. By having everyone around the world enjoy a Final Fantasy with team battles, by exporting a highly proficient competitive tool, then perhaps we can even make it one of the exciting parts of an eSports event. The next step after that would be to have competitions for it on a global scale. I can’t say much more about it, but with those ambitions we’d like to continue making Dissidia Final Fantasy into a better game.


And finally, if you could share a message for our readers and the Dissidia Final Fantasy players out there.

Kujiraoka: I’d like to further spread the excitement of Dissidia Final Fantasy. By getting more feedback from players, I have a feeling that we can continue making the game even more fun, and that’s what I’d like to deliver to even more people. I was able to talk about the home console version this time, but we won’t do anything that will disappoint the arcade players, and will continue our work in making it more enjoyable. There won’t be any delays to updates [for the arcade version] because of the home console version or anything like that. We’ll continue putting all our efforts into it as we face various challenges, so please send us your warm regards this year as well.


Hazama: Regardless of age, gender, or region, I’d like to get as many people possible to play the game. Speaking of age, you actually have a 46-year old player here [laughs]. In any case, I have no intentions of losing, and I’ll keep going at it with the mindset of “I’m going to beat every single player!” As I’ve said in the interview before launch, even after a year has gone by since launch, “I’ll take on any challenge!” so polish your NESiCA and wait for me!


Dissidia Final Fantasy is available for arcade in Japan.

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