Dissidia Final Fantasy Introduces Its Seven Starting Heroes On Arcade

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Square Enix recently announced that Dissidia Final Fantasy is launching in Japanese arcades on November 26, and they’ve also provided us with the latest look at the starting seven characters along with some of their key details.


Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy):

Type: Heavy



Warrior of Light is an all-rounder character balanced in offense and defense. His “Shield of Light” completely nullifies all Brave Attacks against him, and he also has abilities that increase defense and other attack functions.


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His EX Skill “Holy Chain” is like a “Provoke” move that gets all nearby enemies to focus on him, making him a good ally to have as a tank of the party.


Firion (Final Fantasy II):

Type: Heavy



Firion excels on ground combat with his overwhelming strength and attack range. He is characterized by his ability to throw in Brave Attacks that have two or three steps, and can change it accordingly to his situation. He can also do combos without having to land hits on his opponents.


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His unique EX Skill “Blood weapon” slowly depletes his health, but allows him to drain HP from his opponents whenever hitting them while active.


Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III):

Type: Unique



Onion Knight is a character who changes depending on playstyle. While he mostly excels in speed, he can continuously hit enemies with physical attacks when in his close-ranged “Ninja” form, and can also go into “Sage” form for long-ranged magic attacks.


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He’s one of the more versatile characters that allow you to switch jobs at any time according to the situation or party setup.


Cecil (Final Fantasy IV):

Type: Heavy


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Cecil’s EX Skill “Job Change” lets him switch between the “Dark Knight” with plenty of long-ranged ground moves and the “Paladin” that fights better in mid-air combat.



What sets him apart from Onion Knight is that his Job Change grants him a temporary buff whenever he switches up, so his playstyle revolves more around switching jobs as often as possible.


Bartz (Final Fantasy V):

Type: Unique


Sl4ugyy Bartz is proficient at all attacks, and they continuously increase as they’re used. Once his proficiency hits “Master” he gets a buff effect for all of his job characteristics.



By getting Master on all jobs, he gets a variety of high-end buffs, but it’s not easy to get there, so it’ll be important to get down a good order for mastering. His “Good Luck Charm” EX Skill gives all party members the buffs he has going on.


Terra (Final Fantasy VI):



Terra can charge her magic power that increases all of her attacks by simply not attacking for a short period of time. While she can’t shoot multiple shots of magic while charging, they gain more power and range, so her playstyle revolves around splitting time between her rapid fire regular magic mode, and the powerful ranged mode.


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Her “Trance” EX Skill increases all stats, so it’ll be a useful one to have when you want to rush down enemies or need to take some cover.


Cloud (Final Fantasy VII):



Cloud can increase the power of almost all of his attacks by holding down the button. These hold attacks have good range and are good for breaking down defenses, making him a good choice on the offense.


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His EX Skill “Limit Break” doesn’t require much time to charge up, so it’s one of his most useful features in adding the pressure to the opponents.


Dissidia Final Fantasy will launch in Japan for arcade on November 26, 2015.

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