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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Reveals Locke Cole From Final Fantasy VI As A New Character



Square Enix hosted its latest Dissidia Final Fantasy broadcast where it was revealed that Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI will join the action RPG fighter as a new playable character.


Locke Cole (CV: Yuuki Ono)


Here’s a look at Locke’s official art work:



Alternate Skins:




Now that we have a new male character from the first half of the Final Fantasy series, the next is a new female character from the latest half of the series. Here are clues for the next four DLC characters:


  • New female character (from latest half)
  • New male character (from latest half)
  • Female character who previously appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy series (from latest half)
  • New male character (from latest half)



Square Enix originally planned on having Tetsuya Nomura appear as a guest in the live stream, but since he’s on his way abroad for the Kingdom Hearts III press event, he had to cancel and thanks viewers via a cat on webcam.





Dissidia Final Fantasy is available for arcades in Japan, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on PlayStation 4 worldwide. The update containing Locke arrives on the arcade version on May 17 and for consoles in late June.

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