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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT To Reveal A New Male Character As The Last Season Pass DLC On January 28



Square Enix announced that it will host the next live stream for Dissidia Final Fantasy Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on January 28, where the sixth and final character of the game’s Season Pass  will be revealed.


The sixth and final DLC character to be added into the game is a male character from the newer half of the Final Fantasy series who has yet to appear in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He will join Vayne Carudas Solidor, Locke Cole, Rinoa Heartilly, Kam’lanaut, and Yuna who previously joined via DLC.


The live stream will be available on YouTube on January 28, 2019 starting at 8:00pm to 10:00pm JST.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on PlayStation 4. Dissidia Final Fantasy  is available for arcades in Japan.

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