Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Crystal Awakenings And Updates Make A Good Game Better


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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is coming up on some major hallmarks. The Japanese version of the game is approaching its second birthday, which is great. It also means that global version is celebrating its first anniversary and receiving a number of changes that are completely revitalizing the game. While this means more characters, like Final Fantasy VIII‘s Selphie and Final Fantasy V‘s Gilgamesh, it also means that things like Chocobo Feathers, Crystal Awakenings, and general rebalancing can make people’s favorite characters more viable and the general game more interesting. More importantly, it might make an already enjoyable, free-to-play game more appealing to people who could have abandoned it after launch or haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet.


The Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia chocobo feathers can be this huge timesaver and help in the game. These items recently made their debut in the global version fo the game and can be a huge help. Each kind can be applied to a character to help level them up. When Relm is added to the game, that will take the number of playable characters past 80. For people who have been playing a long time, these new experience items can give you a chance to help get older characters up to par, especially if they have received their Crystal Awakening.


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With people who are new, it is an opportunity to prepare a party of people you prefer a little faster. But, there’s a great use for them that any user can enjoy. in the game, you rank up by level up your characters. This increases your SP, which allows you to accomplish more in the World of Illusion area quests that let you get Artifacts with special skills for characters or bolster your summons. It also refills it when you level up. So, if you have some characters at lower levels and you run out, you apply some Chocobo Feathers as a refill. They are also great for when a character like Final Fantasy XIII‘s Sazh receives his 35 CP weapon (Spica Defenders), which buffs both his and another party member’s attack, critical rate, and max brave (BRV), while also boosting his own speed. It lets you take someone who is suddenly more relevant and use them.


But by now, if you either haven’t played or perhaps took a break from Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, you might be wondering what this Crystal Awakening is. In short, it is a major update to a character. Previously in the game, we have seen minor changes. 35 CP weapons were introduced, which improve characters’ skills and give them more CP so they can equip more passive abilities. They might also receive some alterations to how skills work. Let’s circle back to Sazh for a moment. Prior to his 35 CP, he was someone who you would probably only use if you actually liked him. His 15 CP was okay, but just improved Aim, offered a defense boost, and extended the attack up boost. Once Spica Defenders were added, he became the best buffer. It also made him even more useful in longer battles, since his Attack Boost makes his normal HP attack a HP Attack+ that is a BRV and HP attack. While awesome, it is a relatively small step.


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The Crystal Awakenings are even bigger and faster improvements. Each character has a Crystal that provides stat boosts, new abilities, and passives when leveled up with Crystals earned by completing different missions. These updates happen once a month and immediately make six characters more balanced in an effort to keep older characters relevant, hopefully address things like power creep, and maybe assist in your strategies as the story and event quests become more challenging. The fourth wave just arrived on January 10, 2019, allowing Final Fantasy VI‘s Edgar, Final Fantasy IX‘s Vivi, Final Fantasy VIII‘s Laguna, Final Fantasy XI‘s Prishe, Final Fantasy XIII‘s Serah, and Final Fantasy Tactics‘ Ramza’s crystals to level 60. Final Fantasy VI‘s Terra is a good example of a character with a great Awakening. She was a great character before, because the Meltdown and Meteor Chant abilities would transform her HP Attack to either Meltdown+ or Meteor+. However, you had to first use the Chant, then increase her BRV since the max BRV would go up, and finally use the transformer HP attack. With the Awakening, you get an Extended Meltdown Passive that adds increases the amount of BRV you earn, adds BRV regen briefly after a Meltdown+ attack and makes max BRV up more potent and a BRV base up that gives her a 10% initial brave boost if her health is over half, plus her Meltdown and Meteor attacks turn into BRV and HP attack skills.


One year later, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia‘s global version is entering a phase where older characters are getting better and getting all characters leveled up is getting a little easier. The various sorts of Chocobo Feathers are great for preparing all of the many characters out there or ranking up a little more quickly. The Crystal Awakenings are taking characters who may have lost some of their luster as time passed or had movesets that needed a little more work appealing again. In general, the future seems brighter.


Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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