Dissidia Final Fantasy Shares A Tutorial On How You Play It



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Square Enix will hold their first location test for Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcades tomorrow, and they’ve uploaded a little tutorial video so fans can get a better understanding of how to play before testing it out for themselves. Here’s a look at the video.



For those of you wondering, “location tests” are basically demos or betas for arcade games, and they usually start out with a few characters and basic gameplay for players to get a taste of what’s to come, and for the developers to acquire valuable feedback. The above video shows one the tutorials on how to play.


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The images above are a look at the “Right Lever” part of the controller, where you can see that it has the traditional PlayStation controller setup with the four buttons, two shoulder buttons, and a right stick. The “Left Lever” has a left stick and two shoulder buttons. The blue button with a crystal on it is called the “Summon Button”.


Additionally, there are touch screen buttons which can be used for various options. The main menu lets you make selections by using either the controller or touch screen. This time around, Square Enix only has the option on the bottom-right that’s marked as “Location Test”.



The Location Test screen basically lets you choose out of the six players revealed thus far out of Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Terra, Cloud Strife, Lightning, and Y’shotla. Next, you’ll have to choose out of a couple “Battle Sets”. Battle Sets basically have their own HP Attacks and EX Skills. In the Location Test options, Battle Set A is the one recommended for beginners. Once you choose that, you can use the symbol chat to share messages with the other characters and players.


At 2:30 in the video, we get a look at some of the basic controls. Press the X button to jump, and an additional jump can be performed while in mid-air for a double jump. Characters are moved with the left stick, and the camera with the right. The L2 and R2 buttons are for switching targets, and the R1 button does a dash, which uses the “Dash Gauge”.


The Dash Gauge will recover while you’re on the ground and not taking damage or attacking enemies. You can also use the dash to climb walls and trees. Another use for the R1 button is its Dash Cancel, which can be performed by holding the button down after finishing a combo.



Next, the video takes us through the basics of combat. For a better understanding of the interface, refer to our earlier report. The blue line shown between you and other character(s) means that you’re being targeted. When it turns red, that means an attack is coming, so beware.


By making an opponent’s “Brave” go to 9, you’ll get a “Brave Break” bonus. Using the left stick and R1 will let you go through different attacks. There are two types of attacks: HP Attacks and Brave Attacks. Brave Attacks increase your Brave, while HP Attacks can lower their health.


Holding down the L1 button can also be used to guard against enemy Brave Attacks, but it loses its effectiveness after taking several hits, which could eventually lead to a Guard Crush, which will leave you vulnerable for a moment. Meanwhile, pressing the L1 button performs the Step maneuver, which helps you evade attacks. Once the skill bar fills up, you can activate an EX Skill with the triangle button. Characters have their own unique EX Skills.



When a “Summon Core” crystal appears, you can attack it and break it down to fill up your Summon Meter. You can hold down the L2 or R2 button toe lock-on to the Summon Core and beat it down. Once you fill up the bar, you can press the Summon Button to call out a Summoned Beast.


Once a Summoned Beast is called out, they’ll go wild on the battlefield and will cause all sorts of Brave Damage to opponents. Consider them as a really helpful ally, but you’ll have to do some work to bring them out.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is in development for arcade.

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