In Distortions, Music Is A Tool & Weapon For A Violinist Lost In A Surreal World



In Distortions, a young woman awakens in a hospital bed, finding herself in a strange world where time appears to be frozen and strange creatures run rampant. There, her violin will grant her bizarre powers that will keep her safe and help reshape reality around her.




Players will use the violin to fight against hostile creatures, protect the protagonist from harm, and manipulate the environment to clear her path. Players will do so by playing music with it, as the sound of her instrument has a dramatic effect on this new reality.




The game’s story will revolve around a journey of self-discovery, telling players a tale of broken relationships and the power of music in the heroine’s life, as she makes her way across the game’s vast, dream-like worlds.




Distortions will release episodically for PC, with the first chapter coming out in the first quarter of 2017.

Alistair Wong
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