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Divekick Gets The Fencer From Nidhogg As Its Latest Additional Fighter


Developer Iron Galaxy has added a new fighter to its two-button fighting game Divekick. It’s the Fencer from the swordfighting dual Nidhogg – yep, expect lots of big pixels with this new character.


You can check out how the Fencer plays in Divekick in the trailer above. Yes, there’s a sword to stab with and, yes, it can be thrown. The Fencer can also fight without the sword, performing divekicks (naturally) and evasive somersaults.


The Divekick Addition Edition Plus Final update with the Fencer should be available for free to everyone who owns the game on Steam, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One.

Chris Priestman
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Former Siliconera staff writer and fan of both games made in Japan and indie games.