Xbox Live have conducted a brief interview with Alex Jones, Capcom USA’s producer on DmC Devil May Cry. Joining him is Tameem Antoniades, creative director of developer, Ninja Theory, who are developing the game under Capcom Japan’s guidance.


Jones says that DmC is an “intensely collaborative” project, especially in the character department, and that Capcom Japan are providing guidance to ensure that the game’s combat is up to par. Upon being asked if Capcom see Bayonetta — developed by the original creator of the Devil May Cry series — as a competitor, Jones replies that DmC is “squarely competing” with Bayonetta in terms of how the game feels in your hands.


However, he adds, the area that he feels DmC will not compete with Bayonetta in, is tone and storytelling. This is an area where Capcom are giving Ninja Theory a large amount of creative freedom, as it is their area of expertise.


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