DNF Duel Inquisitor Gameplay Trailer Released

DNF Duel Inquisitor

Nexon has released new gameplay trailers for its upcoming fighting game DNF Duel, including one showing off the Inquisitor. A few days ago, the company also released a video showcasing the Berserker.

Both the Inquisitor and Berserker feature attacks based on their abilities from the previous installation, Dungeon Fighter Online. The Inquisitor’s attacks revolve around using a massive ax, as well as fire-based special moves. Similarly, the previous Berserker trailer shows off the character’s demonic possession abilities, including Bloody Twister.

Earlier this month, Nexon opened up new social media accounts for DNF Duel alongside the release of a new teaser trailer. While DNF Duel was initially revealed back in 2020, there was no word about status of the game until this year. Nexon and its subsidiary Neople are developing DNF Duel in partnership with Arc System Works.

Since its opening, the DNF Duel Twitter account has been consistently releasing character gameplay trailers. If earlier posts are any indication, fans will likely get to see character gameplay trailers of the Grappler, Striker, and Ranger in the near future.

You can check out the DNF Duel Inquisitor gameplay trailer below:

DNF Duel is in development for unspecified platforms. There is currently no confirmed release date or pricing.

Andrew Kiya
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