Moonstone Island Spirit Barn Science Center
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Do You Use the Spirit Barn or Science Center in Moonstone Island?

When catching Spirits in Moonstone Island, they can be sent to the Spirit Barn or the Science Center for storage. While both are great options, it’s important to know the differences between the two.

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Moonstone Island Science Center Spirit Barn
Screenshot by Siliconera

Sending Spirits to the Spirit Barn

The Spirit Barn is the ideal place to send Spirits in Moonstone Island due to the benefits you get out of it. Spirits that are left in the Spirit Barn will produce unique resources if they are kept fed. These resources are required for a range of crafting recipes.

Spirits kept in the Spirit Barn will need to be fed regularly or else they may run away. Fiber is the easiest item to feed them, so make sure you have a supply of it nearby. While you can feed them other crops, they won’t gain the stat boost that applies when feeding Spirits in the Medallion.

The requirement to manually feed your Spirits can be dealt with by replacing the Spirit Stalls with Moongrass Spirit Stalls. However, these use up Moonstones, which are best saved for other purposes, especially early on.

Moonstone Island Science Center Spirit Barn
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Sending Spirits to the Science Center

The Science Center is an easier alternative to the Spirit Barn for where to send Spirits in Moonstone Island. The main problem with the Spirit Barn is how draining it can be on your resources. Spirits cannot be sent to the Spirit Barn unless you have built Spirit Stalls, each of which requires 30 Wood and 3 Cloth. In addition, the need to regularly feed Spirits in the Barn will eat into your Fiber and other food supplies quickly.

The Science Center avoids this problem and Spirits are stored here without the need to use any resources. If you’re low on the Wood or Fiber requirements to build Spirit Stalls, Spirits can be sent here instead. Similarly, Spirits won’t need to be fed while stored here. However, you will not be able to gain the resources you can get from the Spirit Barn.

Spirits can be retrieved from the Science Center from the machine behind Zed. This machine can be accessed even when the Science Center is closed.

Moonstone Island is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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