Dodge, Slash, Speed Through A Cyberpunk Mega-City In Vektor: The Courier



Vektor: The Courier is a love letter to the sci-fi mega-cities seen in anime of the 1980s  combined with a love of the violent motorcycle combat of Road Rash. It’s available to download for free on iOS.


You’re tasked with speeding down a busy endless highway, which is escalated among the upper levels of the green circuitry and neon-bright commercial signs of a bustling cyberpunk civilization.


Apparently, your mission is to deliver top secret data that will aid in the fight against the corporate overlords. Your precious package attracts the attention of mercenaries, sent to stop you, resulting in high speed fights of slashing and swerves through busy traffic.


With a retro-pumped cyber-electronic soundtrack and bigger boss fights to reach, Vektor: The Courier is quite the catch, and is out on iOS devices now.

Chris Priestman