us.jpgCapcom isn’t afraid to dust off forgotten franchises. Commando, 1942, and most notably Bionic Commando emerged from Capcom’s vaults with new games this year. Perhaps the arcade shooter with two unknown soldiers, Forgotten Worlds, will too. Forgotten Worlds was trademarked by Capcom on August 18. Capcom could be simply protecting their intellectual property, but it seems unlikely Forgotten Worlds is that important to them. The original trademark registered in 1989 expired in 1996 and no one rushed to re-register it.


During the time period when the trademark expired the Forgotten Worlds characters made cameo appearances in games like Marvel vs. Capcom as a helper character and strangely showed up in Namco X Capcom (pictured). So where would Forgotten Worlds fit today? As a downloadable title on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network or WiiWare. All three of those are fitting homes for the horizontal shooter genre.


Images courtesy of Capcom.

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