A Dog Makes A Surprisingly Effective Samurai In Sidescroller Dogurai

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Machines, gunmen, mechs, and ninjas are roaming the streets, sewers, forests, and deserts, and a lone dog with just the right training is ready to cut them all down in sidescroller Dogurai.




As a dog with samurai training, players will use double jumps and a projectile-cleaving katana to fight against their enemies. Players will be able to stun their foes with a quick slide kick, opening them up for slicing attacks, or they can go all out with a devastating attack should they be able to complete a short quicktime event.


The Dogurai is not limited to the tools at hand, though, and over the course of the game’s six stages, will use motorcycles, robot armors, and whatever tools are at hand to chase down his foes.




A demo for Dogurai is available on Itch.io. The game is also seeking Greenlight votes for a release in mid-2017.

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