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Creative Intelligence Arts is a company founded by Japanese musician Hiroaki Yura, and aims to help create better scores in videogames and anime films. Additionally, the firm has also managed two Kickstarter campaigns to date. The first is Project Phoenix, an Japanese RPG in development for PC, iOS and Android. The second launched last week, and is for a 24-minute anime film titled Under the Dog.


Under the Dog is described as a sci-fi action thriller that will “explore what it means to live and die well,testing the limits of all we hold dear”. The film takes place in the year 2025 in the city of Tokyo Bayside Special District, five years after a terrorist attack on the Summer Olympics. In reaction, the U.N. has formed a special cover branch located in Tokyo Bay with the goal of seeking out and eliminating these terrorists.


The cover is in the form of the International School for Boys and Girls, whose students hold special abilities. In order to ensure a high success rate, each agent’s moved loved ones have been outfitted with a bomb that is set to go off in the event of betrayal.


Under the Dog is being made at Kinema Citrus, an animation studio founded by ex-Production I.G. staff that worked on Ghost in the Shell. In the past, the studio has worked on .hack//Quantum and Eureka Seven.


Under the Dog is penned by Jiro Ishii (who penned the 428 and Time Travellers games). It is being directed by Masahiro Ando, who has served as an episode director on Canaan, RahXephon, the Wolf’s Rain OVA and more. Character and mechanical designs for the film are being handled by Yusuke Kozaki, who is best known as the character designer of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Creative Intelligence Arts founder Hiroaki Yura is serving as the producer of Under the Dog. Sound work for the film is being handled by musicians that have worked on Steamboy, Blood: The Last Vampire, Project Phoenix and World War Z.


You can read more about Under the Dog’s Kickstarter on this page. The film requires $580,000 to get made.


Thanks to Siliconera reader z_merguise for the heads up!

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