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Doggone It, Capcom Shares Their April Fool’s “The Great Dog Attorney” Video



Okay, it might be a day early, but in Japan it’s already April 1st, and you know that that means. Capcom have drawn first blood with a trailer for something along the lines of “The Great Dog Attorney”.


First, to get you in on the joke, the Japanese title of 逆転裁判 (Gyakuten Saiban) is literally translated as “Turnabout Trial”. The next game in the series, The Great Ace Attorney, is simply called 大逆転裁判 (Dai Gyakuten Saiban) or “The Great Turnabout Trial”.


What Capcom did with their April Fool’s joke is replaced the 大 (dai: big, great, large) with 犬 (inu: dog). As you can tell by looking at the two kanji figures of 大 and 犬, they look quite similar.


So what did Capcom do using the slightly modified title? Why, they made this amazing April Fool’s video for their new “game” of course!



The video starts out with Ryunosuke Inuhodo saying that he will definitely become a dog attorney. Susato Mikotowan (wan: “woof” in Japanese) will help out with any dog reasoning.


Iris Wantson boasts that even those in the East read her dog tales. Finally, Inuhodo’s buddy, Kazuwan Asougi says “I believe in dog… Ryunosuke Naruhodo.”


Capcom claims The Great Dog Attorney will release in Japan on April 1st, 2015 for the Wantendo1DOGS.

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