dokaponk.jpgYggdra Union has taken up Sting’s spotlight and it almost left Dokapon Kingdom in the dark. It comes out next week on November 22 and it’s barely been mentioned! The hybrid board-game-meets-RPG Dokapon series has been around for a long time, but the previous games were made by Asmik Ace. Somehow Sting picked up the series with Dokapon Kingdom, a PS2 game that melds the game of life spinner with spell casting. Like Monopoly or Mario Party you guide a character across a giant game board, collect items and attack your opponents from a far with magic. Dokapon Kingdom is really meant as a multiplayer game, even the combat reflects that. When two players get ready to fight they covertly input attacks by pressing one of the four face buttons. Then through a rocks-paper-scissors system the game determines which one succeeds and how much damage is done.

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