Indie Vtuber Dokibird revealed her latest design and model, which will appear on an upcoming Hyte PC case for her.
Image via Dokibird, Kanamesigogo123

Dokibird Reveals New Design and Upcoming Hyte Case

Indie VTuber Dokibird now has a new model, with artist “Kanamesigogo123” as the designer. This design will also appear on an upcoming Hyte PC case of Dokibird.

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The new model retains Dokibird’s sort of cocky expression, as well as her blonde hair and green eyes. However, there are also major differences to her hair and overall design. Dokibird in the past had her hair in pigtails, with a white ribbon on her right and a black ribbon on her left. She also had a blue hat and was wearing a sort of dress with a jacket.

Her new design has shorter hair, with messy feathery strands around her face. Her outfit shifts from a feminine one with white, black, and blue to one that makes her look like a sheriff. There are belts around her, complete with bullets and a gun. There is also an animal hanging out on her head.

Here’s the full reveal stream. Dokibird shows off the Hyte PC case at the 2:45:50 mark.

In the past, she was a conman and thief. Now she’s a bounty hunter. In her reveal stream for her new outfit, Dokibird showed off the upcoming Hyte case that features her new look. It’ll be a black and gold case, and you’ll be able to check it out at Anime Expo 2024.

Dokibird is an independent VTuber with over 742,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Other Dokibird merchandise you can get includes a YouTooz figure. Pre-orders will close on July 9, 2024.

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