Doko Roko Is An Impressive One Man Project With Frantic Swordplay

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Eric Mack of Okobu Games has launched a Kickstarter for his 2D vertical action game Doko Roko.


Doko Roko takes place in a single large Tower that stretches thousands of feet into the sky and is part procedurally generated and part hand-crafted. It’s describes as a “place of rich history that is slowly evolving, an organism disguised as architecture.”


You play as one of the Unslain, who climbs up the Tower with fellow Unslain – some of which you’ll have to battle with huge swords forged from meteorites and cursed earth, others who will tell you strange tales and teach you secrets to help your journey.


As well as getting involved in frantic battles, parrying, dodging, and attacking with a sword, you’ll be able to acquire “Strange Magicks,” which are objects imbued with mystical powers that won’t last forever but can be devastating when used skilfully.


It’s also possible for your physical form to change due to the Unslain being affected by cosmic infestation. These transformations will affect maneuverability, physical appearance, and combat effectiveness either in a negative or positive way.


The story of the Tower and its residents is deliberately hands-off and will be told through the environment due to the Dark Souls inspiration. There will also be a Legacy System that seems your cumulative efforts affect the world over time.


Okobu Games is hoping to raise $30,000 to work on Doko Roko full-time until completion. It’s a one-man project but a lot has already been achieved. The plan is to bring it to Windows, Mac, and Linux around October 2017. Other platforms may be considered if enough money is raised.

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