Nintendo 3DS

Don’t You Dare Close Your Eyes In Magi: A Whole New World



It’s time for new horizons to pursue in Magi: A Whole New World. The upcoming Nintendo 3DS action RPG shows off a little more of the special voiceovers and what-if in its all-original mode, alongside shots of the Sinbad and Magnostadt arcs that the game will also cover.

The game will take you wonder by wonder, throwing in many of the characters from the series including Aladdin himself, Ali Baba, Morgiana and more. You’ll be able to level them up and take two more characters on your dungeon delves, with no one to tell you no, or where to go for unbelievable sights.


Magi: A Whole New World will be a dazzling place you never knew existed on your Nintendo 3DS come February 13th.